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0-01: An inclusive, respectful school climate
0-03: Protection of student and staff confidentiality
0-08: Partnerships with community service providers
0-10: Programs based on needs assessment
0-13: Evaluation of school health and safety programs
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8-03 - Provision of wellness programs for staff

Provide staff wellness and health promotion programs for school staff based on an assessment of their needs and interests.


Employees' mental health and physical health are essential to the success of a school system. The promotion of staff members' own health helps them to become positive role models for students and increases their commitment to promoting student health and safety. Staff who are fit and healthy may be expected to have fewer absences and have more energy.


Work site health promotion (staff wellness) is not institutionalized in many school settings. School-site health promotion programs for staff may not only impact the health of school faculty and staff, but also have effects on students, their families, and community members. Examples of health promotion programs for school staff include: health screenings, physical activity and fitness programs, nutrition education, weight management, smoking cessation, and stress management. Aside from local school programs, school district and state offices (e.g., departments of health and education) can develop health promotion programs that involve school staff.

Once wellness and health promotion programs are available, encourage staff to participate in these programs. Examples of promotion ideas include introducing wellness programs to new staff at their orientation sessions, presenting information at regular staff meetings, including flyers and brochures with paychecks, putting information into newsletter articles and e-mail messages, and offering health insurance discounts for participants.


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