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2-06: Functional knowledge of health and safety issues
8-03: Provision of wellness programs for staff
8-05: Employee assistance programs
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6-12 - Drug/alcohol-free school policy

Develop and enforce alcohol-free and drug-free policies for all school staff, families, students, and visitors at indoor and outdoor school-sponsored events.


Substances that can impair function and compromise the safety of students and staff must not be allowed on school property or at school-sponsored events. It is illegal for students to purchase, possess, and utilize such substances.


An alcohol and drug-free policy still permits staff and students to use prescribed medications during the school day in order to maintain their health. Illicit use of drugs, including tobacco and alcoholic beverages, cannot be tolerated on school property. Failure to comply with these policies should result in disciplinary action and referral to appropriate treatment programs. While expulsion from school may seem to be appropriate, it may aggravate the student's problem rather than help move towards a solution.

Alternate education and therapeutic intervention programs can provide a more acceptable solution and ensure that students receive necessary treatment.

A policy addressing staff using alcohol or other drugs while driving vehicles used to transport students must be in place to ensure the safety of all (Guideline 6-21). Employees found to be using alcohol and illicit drugs must be immediately removed from such duty and appropriate referrals for evaluation and treatment should be made.


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