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8-01 - Staff safety and injury prevention

Provide working conditions that promote health and safety and that reduce the likelihood of unintentional and intentional physical injuries. Develop and clearly communicate plans for steps to be taken when injuries and threat of injuries occur.

8-02 - Hepatitis B immunization for staff

Recommend that all school personnel at risk for exposure to blood-borne pathogens have current hepatitis B immunization.

8-03 - Provision of wellness programs for staff

Provide staff wellness and health promotion programs for school staff based on an assessment of their needs and interests.

8-04 - Insurance coverage for staff

Provide health, disability, long-term care, and life insurance to all employees. This includes coverage for health promotion programs, medical, dental and vision coverage, and coverage for their dependents.

8-05 - Employee assistance programs

Provide employees with a work-site environment that encourages them to express their feelings, fears, and anxieties and to rehabilitate during times of personal crisis, personal loss, and school crisis. Provide employee assistance programs that help address these crises as well as mental disorders, and drug- and alcohol-dependence.

8-06 - Inter-professional collaboration, staff mentoring

Arrange for and encourage staff members to have opportunities to consult with and exchange information with other staff members across various disciplines. Arrange for peer mentoring.

8-07 - Accommodating staff with disabilities

Accommodate staff with disabilities and other health and safety concerns, as required by federal and state laws.

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