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7-01 - Healthy and safe social environment

Establish a safe, healthy social environment at school for students and staff. Each day provide each student with at least one meaningful and positive interaction with a staff person (or other adult). Have policies that are clearly understood by students, staff and families.

7-02 - Social services, mental health support

Ensure that social services and mental health support are available to all students and staff in the school setting and integrate this support into other school programs.

7-03 - Recognition and referral of students under stress

Implement prevention programs that focus on recognition of stressful life situations and interventions to help students deal with these stresses.

7-04 - Suicide prevention strategies

Actively prevent suicidal behavior by training staff and having programs that identify high-risk students and then link them to therapeutic and preventive community services.

7-05 - Violence prevention strategies

Provide the following violence prevention and management services: (a) rules prohibiting violent and disrespectful behaviors; (b) protocols to deal with violent events; (c) links to mediation, mentoring, and therapeutic services; (d) strategies to identify students at high risk for engaging in violence; (e) staff education; and (f) evaluation of violence policies and programs.

7-06 - Adjustments to psychological trauma and loss

Make accommodations and/or adjustments for students during and after experiences of psychological trauma or loss.

7-07 - Actions against bullying

Establish and enforce policies that prohibit bullying, hazing, teasing, harassment, and discrimination.

7-08 - Policies on student discipline

Utilize disciplinary actions that do not jeopardize students' physical health or safety, that do not harm emotional well-being, and do not discourage physical activity or other healthful behaviors. Prohibit use of food as a reward or punishment.

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