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3-01 - Daily physical education

Provide all students in kindergarten through grade 12 with daily physical education, with no substitutions allowed for participation in other courses or activities.

3-02 - Physical education standards and quality

Provide physical education instruction based on a sequential curriculum that is consistent with state physical education standards and the National Standards for Physical Education (31). Hire physical education teachers with appropriate qualifications.

3-03 - Physical activity and special needs

Establish and enforce policies and practices that enable students with disabilities and other special health care needs to participate fully and safely in physical education and other school physical activity programs.

3-04 - Activity opportunities beyond physical education

Provide a variety of opportunities for physical activity in addition to physical education, that meet all students' needs and interests. Opportunities include daily recess, active play during after-school programs, access to school facilities outside of school hours, interscholastic sports, intramural programs, and physical activity clubs.

3-05 - Ample resources for entire class in physical education

Provide teacher-student ratios, for physical education and activity programs, that are comparable with other subjects. Activities that require close supervision to assure student safety should be staffed accordingly. Provide a sufficient amount of equipment and supplies to keep students active during most of the class.

3-06 - Outdoor safety for physical activity

Establish and enforce policies for participation in outdoor activities to protect students and staff from health risks and hazards. This includes exposure to heat, cold, inclement weather, ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, traffic, unsafe surfaces, poor lighting, and poorly maintained equipment.

3-07 - Pre-participation physical examination for sports

Require a pre-participation sports physical examination conducted by the student's primary care provider within a year of participation, for students participating in interscholastic sports.

3-08 - Physical activity exemption/resumption

Require written and specific health verification from the school nurse, a primary care provider, or other licensed health care provider to allow a student to be exempt from physical education and activity programs on the basis of health reasons. Require the same verification to resume physical activity.

3-09 - Physical education and safety curriculum

Educate students and staff about the dangers of substance abuse, misconduct during physical activity, excessive weight control (rapid weight gain or loss), and the importance of using safety gear as well as other aspects of safe participation in physical activities. Safety education must be a major component of the physical education program.

3-10 - Use of protective equipment in sports

Require the use of appropriate safety and protective equipment in physical education, interscholastic and intramural sports, and all other physical activity programs.

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