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1-01 - Family involvement in health/safety programs, policies

Involve parents, families, students, and community members in the decision-making process for the selection of health and safety messages, curricula, learning activities, and policies. Inform them of characteristics that make these programs/policies effective.

1-02 - Communication among school, home, and health providers

Implement and support consistent, timely, and meaningful communication among school, home, and students' community-based health professionals in order to effectively address any health, mental health, or safety matter that affects a student.

1-03 - Informing families about health/safety programs, policies

Regularly inform students, families, and other community stakeholders about school programs, services, and outcome data that are related to health, safety, oral health, and mental health.

1-04 - Parenting resources for families

Provide resources that help families on matters of: parenting, progression in school, knowledge of child developmental milestones, and communication with their child or adolescent about relationships, safety, tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, sexuality, violence, and diet.

1-05 - Promoting family recreation

Provide families with information that encourages healthy and safe recreational and educational activities for the student and the family.

1-06 - Funding for family/community involvement

Secure financial and technical assistance to increase student, family, and community involvement in school health and safety programs and activities. Engage local, state, federal, and tribal governments, as well as philanthropic organizations, foundations, universities and private sources for these resources.

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