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who developed the guidelines

The editors extend their acknowledgement and appreciation to the many hundreds of professional association members and members of the public who took time to read these guidelines when they were posted on the internet in draft form. Comments, suggestions, additions and corrections that were sent to us as a result of these efforts were essential to both the quality and utility of these guidelines.

Suggested citation, prior to written publication:
Taras H, Duncan P, Luckenbill D, Robinson J, Wheeler L, Wooley S: Health, Mental Health and Safety Guidelines for Schools. (2004); Available at

central steering committee

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Graeme Hanson
Michelle D. Morse

American Academy of Family Physicians
Jeannette South-Paul
Barbara Widmar

American Academy of Pediatrics
Paula Duncan
Howard L. Taras
Lani S. M. Wheeler
Lydia E. Bologna
Mary Pat Frintner
Su Li
Darcy Steinberg

American Association of School Administrators
Karl V. Hertz
Sharon Adams-Taylor

American Medical Association
Missy Fleming

American Psychological Association
Jan N. Hughes
Angela M. Oddone

American Public Health Association
Susan H. Pollack
Barbara J. Hatcher

American School Health Association

Laurie Jensen-Wunder
Susan F. Wooley

Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs
Deborah Klein Walker
Sarah Pfau
Sarah Roschwalb

Association of State and Territorial Health Officials

Jimmy Guidry
Jennifer Henry
Darcy Steinberg

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Division of Adolescent and School Health
Lisa Barrios
Howell Wechsler

Council of Chief State School Officers
Nora Howley

National Assembly on School-Based Health Care
John Schlitt

National Association of School Nurses, Inc
Doris H. Luckenbill
Judy Robinson

National Association of Social Workers
Millicent M. Williams

National Education Association
Rena Large
Vicki Harrison

National Parent-Teacher Association
Gabriella Hayes
Linda Parkinson
Mary Anne Roll

National School Boards Association

Margie T. Bradford
Brenda Z. Greene

Office of School Health, University of Colorado
Judith B. Igoe

Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Fran Anthony Meyer
Bill Datema

The final edited version of this document was not reviewed by all members of the Central Steering Committee.

expert panel chairpersons
Howard Adelman
Claire D. Brindis
Ron Brown
Oscar G. Bukstein
Jack Campana
Paul S. Casamassimo
Sue Catchings
Linda Grossman
Eric G. Handler
Leslie A. Lytle
Patsy Maloney
Alice R. McCarthy
Ellen R. Schmidt
Stephen Silverman
Howard Spivak
Joyce N. Thomas
Franklin L. Till, Jr.
Carlos A. Vega-Matos
Genie L. Wessel
Katherine Wilbur

The final edited version of this document was not reviewed by expert panel chairpersons.

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